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Cosmetic Surgery And the California Lifestyle, San Francisco Thoughts

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California has some of the most beautiful men and women in the country. The Beach Boys summarized it pretty well with "I wish they all could be California Girls." But there are hundreds of songs in which California is the song writer's muse. Some see us as "vapid" and "plastic." Is this fair? Is it true? Of course not. However a large percentage of the California population is indeed into their appearance as well as their health. We see a lot of sunshine. We are outdoors more often. We are seen by others more. We want to look our best. Plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and facelifts are almost as common as yearly eye exams. We care about how we look and if we have a flaw we can fix, we fix it by whatever means necessary. We want that perfectly chiseled face to match our sun kissed bodies. And because Southern California is where hundreds of movie stars and celebrities live, we are even more driven to look as perfect as possible because we compare ourselves to these usually gorgeous looking "members of our community." Celebrities and movie stars have so much plastic surgery, that we are preconditioned to not only see it as not a big deal, but also to desire it for ourselves as well.

California has an abundance of Plastic Surgeons to choose from; however Dr. Alex Rabinovich is one of the leading facelift and cosmetic surgeons in the San Francisco Bay Area. But people tend to think of Southern California, when they think of the California lifestyle. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area we pride ourselves on being a bit more intellectual, and certainly more techie than they are in SoCal. That said, there are still many reasons why Northern Californians might consider a facelift -

  • Everyone gets old - if you are lucky enough, you get old. And if you get old, your face will start to sag; more on some people less on others, but it does (and will) happen. We in Northern California generally like technology, and facelifts are nothing if not technology. Why not use technology to extend those beautiful looks across the years?
  • Appearance matters everywhere - not just in SoCal. Even in Northern California, people judge base on looks. Look at Silicon Valley - is it not a region of the country that worships youth? Look at those Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn employees - no one looks a day over thirty. So age discrimination is alive and well in Northern California, and facelift technology is one way to extend your youthful appearance (and land that job).
  • Opennness and Honesty - today, men AND women care about their looks. To some extent, we can thank San Francisco's gay community for making us all a bit more image-conscious (especially men), and facelifts are one tool in the arsenal to be good-looking. So man or woman, a facelift can really do some great stuff to your appearance.
  • How you look... is often related to how you feel. If you look GREAT you'll feel GREAT. So invest in yourself - whether it's clothes, or make up, or cosmetic surgery, and you'll look and feel better.





Cosmetic Surgery in San Francisco California

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Browing Facelift Pictures and Your Before & After Lifestyle

Many people come to Visage of San Francisco, looking for before and after pictures or photos of facelifts. We share these on our website as before and after facelift photos. In fact, there are literally thousands of 'before' and 'after' photos on the Internet about facelift and facelift procedures. So as the culture changes, so do the browsing habits. We in the San Francisco Bay Area can be proud as among the inventors of the Internet, allowing people to browse facelift pictures. People in San Francisco are, of course, very image conscious; therefore we get many searches for facelift pictures, before and after, from San Francisco-based clients. And San Francisco is very lifestyle-conscious as well, so people seeking to lift their San Francisco lifestyle to new levels will look for before and after pictures.

In fact, we offer a special facelift called 'The Visage Facelift.' The Visage facelift was developed by Dr. Alex Rabinovich of San Francisco to help his patients obtain the best result with the least surgery and recovery time possible. Dr. Rabinovich modified the best features of established techniques, and combined them to make everything easier for the patient. Patients looking for affordable San Francisco facelift procedures have been extremely happy!

Every face is unique, and every facelift is unique. Discovering your best look starts with an initial consultation on your facelift needs. Call us today at 415-935-3223 or schedule a consultation