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At the San Francisco's Visage Center for Facial Plastic Surgery we are dedicated to providing the highest quality cosmetic and plastic surgery in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a personal touch. We are San Francisco Facelift Specialists with out amazing Visage Facelift. Under the direction of Dr. Alex Rabinovich, a top cosmetic surgeon in San Francisco, we specialize in facial and cosmetic surgery for men and women, with an emphasis on quality, safety, and natural looking results.

Our San Francisco plastic and cosmetic procedures include:

San Francisco Facelift - Free Consultation!

Whatever your cosmetic or plastic surgery desire, reach out to us for a free facelift consultation with Dr. Alex Rabinovich. Just call 415-935-3223 or email us. Our goal is to provide affordable plastic surgery for San Francisco Bay Area residents. Most of our cosmetic procedures such as our deservedly popular 'San Francisco Facelift' are performed in our state-of-the-art outpatient surgical facility in San Francisco under local anesthesia or light sedation. However, full general anesthesia is also available when necessary. Our patients’ safety, comfort, and privacy are our primary concern.
Indeed, we offer a free in-office consult for our San Francisco Facelift, called the 'Visage Lift.'

Among San Francisco's Best Facelift and Plastic Surgery Centers

If you are looking for a facelift or other plastic surgery in San Francisco, or would like to explore options such as an eyelid lift or facelift in San Francisco, reach out to Dr. Rabinovich for a free plastic surgery consultation. Patients come to us not just from San Francisco but from Marin County, Oakland, Hayward, San Leandro and down the peninsula such as San Mateo or Palo Alto. Our center is known as the place for an affordable San Francisco facelift as well as an ideal place to explore your options for facial laser resurfacing, blepharoplasty in San Francisco, rhinoplasty (nose job), eyebrow lifts and other facial or cosmetic surgical procedures. One of Dr. Rabinovich's specialties is Jaw Surgery, as he is motivated to be one of the best Jaw surgeons in San Francisco. Regardless of your procedure, our goal is to provide the best surgical options, and we consider Dr. Rabinovich one of the San Francisco's top cosmetic surgeons.

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Dr. Alex Rabinovich, a Top San Francisco Cosmetic Surgeon

When you are considering cosmetic surgery in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dr. Rabinovich and his team strive to make your experience positive and enjoyable. The first step towards looking and feeling your best is to schedule your initial consultation. Please contact our office by phone at (415) 935-3223, or email us at info@doctorrabinovich.com.

Alexander Rabinovich, MD, DDS is a board certified surgeon specializing in facial plastic surgery. Educated in both medicine and dentistry, Dr. Rabinovich is a recognized expert in Facial Cosmetic Surgery and a Fellow of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, researcher, and author of numerous articles. He also participates in medical missions abroad, performing reconstructive surgery for children in need.

San Francisco Facelift: Experience a Facelift in San Francisco at our Top Clinic!
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