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Testimonials and Reviews

In Alex Rabinovich office, I had botox injected several times during couple years. I could say, that, from my point of view, he is most skilled professional in this area! The quality of procedures is amazing: from giving correct advice what need to be done, to precision in selection of point of injections, correct dozage, minimum pain - all of this makes me come back to his office. He never pushes to get botox treatment more often, then it necessary, even when I asked. That is why I always trust him! Based on my experience with his work, I wouldn't hesistate to get, if necessary, any other, more serious, facial procedure in his office. I comment Alex for quality work he is doing!
—Zina M. (3/10/2013)
The office is very modern and the surgical equipment is the latest and greatest. The interior decor is quite pleasing to the eyes. The staff gave me a warm welcome, making me feel comfortable and at ease. I wanted a procedure done on my upper and lower eyelids, so I received a consultation where everything was explained to me and all of my questioned were answered. My surgery was scheduled at a time that was convenient for me. The procedure was performed without a hitch. At the beginning, I was covered with a warm blanket, and soft music was playing in the background. After it was finished, I was given full instructions as to what to do and expect during the post-op period, which for me lasted about a week. Wonderfully, I didn't have any bruising in or around the surgical site. After everything healed, the results became clearly visible, and they are amazing! Everyone mentions that I look 20 years younger, and I agree. I'm absolutely thrilled with this whole experience and I recommend this office to anyone who's interested in facial plastic surgery.
—Yelana T (3/23/2013)
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Rabinovich and his staff. I bought a Groupon for laser top/bottom eye lid surgery. When I came in for the consultation, they did offer other services (but isn't that the point of doing a Groupon?), but no one was pushy about it. I told them I'd think about it, and over the next 2 weeks bombarded them with a million questions, all of which they patiently answered. In the end, I decided to do only what I bought with the Groupon, and if I liked it, do more later. They were absolutely fine with that and scheduled my surgery promptly. I had it done a week ago, and am thrillled! I'm still pink around the eyes, but for the first time in my life I don't have bags under my eyes, and my top lid isn't drooping. Once I'm healed I think it will be just great and I will go to them for other services.

I want to say something to the people complaining that they bought a Groupon, but the staff tried to sell something else to. The whole point of doing it is to get clientele in the door. The procedure I had is usually $2900, I paid $1300 through Groupon, and Groupon took about half of that. So the doctors office only got about $600-$700 for it, certainly not enough to make it worthwhile. All businesses that offer these coupons do it so that a customer gets something cheap, but wants to get more. Otherwise, why do it? So stop complaining about it.

My experience with Dr. Rabinovich and his staff was wonderful, with great results. I just went for a follow up and he took his time to make sure I was doing well. The night of the surgery he called me himself to find out how I am. I would recommend this place to anyone. Wonderful personal service, and terrific results.
—Irina I. (4/4/2012)
I have been going to Visage MedSpa for Botox.... This place is amazing. They have the nicest and the friendliest staff Dr. Rabinovich is very caring and suggested the best treatment for my skin. He is very skilled and has the best precises in town. Watch for the coupons..! They have great offers and the Office Manager is the best the minute you walk in this place, she makes you feel great. Every one is very helpful. I have never had any problem getting appoinments . the Office Manager does the best to accomadate you..Once you try Visage MedSpa you will not want to go anywhere else.

Love this new place. Thank you for your excellent caring service.
—Jane B. (3/23/2012)
My experience with Dr Rabinovich and his staff was really extra ordinary in a very positive way. First of all, I had scheduled an appointment for a laser treatment for a date that, because of a work issue, I had to cancel or move the time. As soon as possible Dr Rabinovich, and his friendly staff, changed their schedules around to and came in extra early to accommodate me . Added to that the Office Manager, the endlessly helpful patient consultant, actually picked me up from my apartment, took me to the office and then home afterwards since my vehicle was not working.Unbelievable!

About the work, I have to admit my face looked pretty scary especially on day 2 but Dr Rabinovich assured me that it was normal and each person healed at their own pace. That was two weeks ago (and a lot of iced pea packs later) but already I am quite healed. I look a lot better and I understand 'will continue to improve over time.

Both my father and Grandfather were medical doctors and I haven't experienced such warmth in a Dr's office since they were practicing. Bravo!
—B F (3/22/2012)
Had a fabulous facial peel with Maria. Talked me through the whole procedure and was great at answering all my questions. Went in to see the cosmetic surgeon regarding botox and was told that I didn't need it.

My skin looks great, and my ego is very happy, too!
—Sarah B. (2/28/2012)
Dr. Alex is probably one of the most experienced facial/dental surgeons in the Bay Area. Dental work, plastic surgery and botox are just a few things he does. My wife was a patient of his and was so pleased with the service and the results, she insisted I write a review. After removing 6 teeth, the swelling was virtually gone on the third day. Getting implants was a breeze! All this is due to Dr. Alexe's high level of skill and professionalism. After seeing these results and before/after photos of his patients and work he did on them, I am a true believer. His office is clean, staff is pleasant and results speak for themselves. Come check out Visage for yourself, you wont be dissapointed.
—Refael C. (2/21/2012)
After much experience with top rate cosmetic surgeons and procedures internationally over the years, i believe that Dr Rabinovich's expertise and very dedicated and qualified staff are in the top rung of what I have encountered anywhere. I highly recommend Dr. R and his exceptionally caring and engaged coordinator the Office Manager, and his medical assistant who expertly assists during surgery. In fact everyone on his staff is first rate. the Office Manager in particular will guide you through the process and follow-up with you so that you really feel that they care about you and the outcome of your procedures.
—Ingrid V. (10/13/2011)
I want to thank Dr. Rabinovich for the great care he and his team have taken of me. the Office Manager, his patient coordinator, is an amazing person who is genuinely concerned with patients' problems and has helped me tremendously with my complicated case. I have not seen this level of comittment even in doctors I saw before. Ann, his office manager, is also excellent and fast to process whatever is needed in paperwork with insurances to get a patient treatment as soon as possible. Between the three of them, they make a really great team, and I'm very happy to have found them.
—Estaban S. (10/6/2011)
A Bloomspot Botox offer brought me to this medspa, but I was also interested in a consult on some cosmetic surgery procedures. I loved the office — very tasteful and comfortable and the front desk staff so nice and friendly. I was cautioned to be on time, so I was early, but I did have to wait about 25 minutes to see the doctor. While a bit inconvenient, after seeing Dr. Alex, I was more forgiving of the wait. He took his time to be very thorough and answer all questions. He didn't rush through anything, and explained things in a way a non-medical person could easily understand. the Office Manager, his patient coordinator and practice manager, is awesome. She's very warm and friendly and real. I liked the way she and the doctor worked together in the room to give me a quote. I know they would have liked to have upped my Botox spend, but there was no hard sell at all, which I appreciated, and is something that will bring me back. The "before and after" photos were very compelling. It was gratifying to know the doctor does pro bono work in other countries. Everything about this practice is top notch and I look forward to returning.
—Charna G. (9/23/2011)
I woke up on a Monday morning in a panic over the horrible condition of my skin (two huge pimples, blotchiness, and very un-makeup-friendly-skin) and decided to call around on yelp and try to find someone to do an emergency facial for me. Lucky for me, Maria was free! I got my first chemical peel (glycolic and lactic acid?) and was pretty happy with the results. My skin was a bit dry afterwards, but did feel softer and smoother. br/ This facial was definitely a different experience than going to a spa. Nothing used on my face smelled nice. In fact, the chemical peel smelled, well, chemically. Nevertheless, it was a good experience. Maria was really helpful/gentle/nice, and didn't try to push any products on me. The hand massage during the mask was a nice touch too.
—Maggie L. (5/12/2011)
Dr. Alex is the best. I never had facial work done so I did not know what to expect. Dr. Alex went over everything several times and told me what to expect and how it would turn out. The day of surgery he put me at ease and everything went well. The results are remarkable. I will go back to Dr. Alex in the future and will refer friends to him. His staff are incredible. He is gentle and really listens to what your need is. I am so happy.

Thank you Dr Alex
—Lisa G. (1/19/2011)