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San Mateo Facelift at its Best

The Visage facelift was developed by Dr. Alex Rabinovich to help his patients obtain the best result with the least surgery and recovery time possible. Dr. Rabinovich modified the best features of established techniques, and combined them to make everything easier for the patient. Patients looking for affordable San Mateo facelift procedures have been extremely happy!

The Visage Facelift

  • Performed in our state-of-the-art
    office suite
  • No General Anesthesia
  • Quick Recovery
  • See Immediate Results
  • Minimal Downtime
San Mateo Facelift Example - Before and After Picture

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The Visage Rapid Recovery Face Lift

As we age, the youthful definition of the neck and jawline is often lost. Sagging or loose skin, excess fat, and lack of muscle tone are the most common concerns. The effects of gravity become more apparent. Do you exercise, eat right, and take supplements but still look old? Look tired even when you aren't? Here in the Bay Area, we all strive to maintain that healthy Bay Area look, but we still age. The Visage San Mateo Facelift is your solution!

Do you have:

  • Sagging Skin
  • Fat Pouches
  • Wrinkles from too much sun
  • Drooping Cheeks
  • Excess skin under chin

The Visage Facelift procedure lifts the sagging muscles of the neck, cheeks, and jowls, eliminating them and creating youthful and natural definition, without the resulting tight look of older facelift and necklift techniques. The Visage Rapid Recovery Lift differs because it addresses the deeper tissue by going under the muscle, sliding it upwards into its original youthful position.The fat and muscle are lifted and tightened, placing the incision line inside the ear. This technique results in less bruising and swelling. Scars heal better because there is no tension on superficial layers and skin. This face lift results in a natural, softer look and creates long-lasting definition along the jawline and neck, not tightness. You'll look your best in the healthy, active lifestyle that is San Mateo living!

The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia or twilight sedation in our private state-of-the-art office, typically without general anesthesia. The procedure usually takes about 2 hours. Swelling and bruising subside fairly quickly, allowing most patients to return to work in two weeks. Patients usually wear their hair up within a few weeks without a visible scar.

Dr. Rabinovich is one of the Bay Area's top facial cosmetic surgeon whose sub-specialty is facelift and necklift surgery. Dr. Rabinovich does not perform general body plastic surgery. He is a board certified facial cosmetic surgeon with extensive training in this particular region. He is one of only a handful of surgeons with this sub-specialty in San Francisco.

Getting to our offices from San Mateo is easy! We are, of course, located in downtown San Francisco, but we provide free parking vouchers and make it so easy for you and your family to get to our offices. San Mateo of course is nearby to cities such as Pacifica, Burlingame, Redwood City, Palo Alto and wherever you are in San Mateo, a short trek up to San Francisco is the way to get the top Bay Area facelift and of course get top quality and top savings. Just call or contact our office for easy directions! (Oh, and here's a tip: some famous San Mateo people are actors Bruce Lee actress Lelie Mann as broadway actress Edna McClure.)

Still have questions? To find out more about the Visage Facelift procedure, please call us today at (415) 935-3223 or use the contact form to schedule your no-obligation consultation in San Francisco. Dr. Rabinovich will address your questions and concerns. Visit our office to discuss your options for achieving a natural and more youthful appearance.

Some San Mateo History

The City of San Mateo now stands on parts of two historic properties, formerly known as Rancho San Mateo and Rancho de las Pulgas.

As time progressed, Rancho San Mateo was sold to an American mercantile firm, and the land was broken up into smaller parcels. In 1849, a new transportation system became available when Nicolas de Peyster engineered a stagecoach stop on land where the old mission once stood, and built a main road through the town. In 1861, Charles Polhemus supervised the construction of a railway system that would connect San Francisco and San Jose. San Mateo would be a stop on this route, and with the addition of a train station, the town’s development continued at a fast pace.

Improvements continued and spurred San Mateo’s progress toward becoming a thriving community. Clean water for the residents was realized in 1888 when the Crystal Springs dam was built on San Mateo Creek. The establishment of a newspaper, “The Leader,” brought current events to the residents, and the paper’s founders, Richard H. Jury and Charles N. Kirkbride, pushed for the town’s incorporation. Under this initiative, San Mateo officially became a town on September 3, 1894, with a majority vote of its citizens.

In 1906, the population of San Mateo grew due to the effects of a natural disaster. A devastating earthquake occurred on April 18, 1906, and San Francisco, near the quake’s epicenter, sustained severe damage. Many San Franciscans migrated to San Mateo in search of a place to live. . Source: http://www.watchdogsanmateo.com/

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