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September 4, 2014. The word "aesthetic" can be defined a number of different ways, but is primarily concerned with beauty, or the appreciation of beauty. Another definition is "of or pertaining to appreciation of the beautiful; showing a refined sense of taste."

This quick blog post will dive into some of the meaning of the word, and ways to find the best aesthetic plastic surgery for you in the San Francisco Bay Area.





Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - San Francisco Bay Area

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Of course, the obvious problem here is that the words "beauty" and "taste" have different meanings for different people. Nothing is more true in this respect than the phrase "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"! However, it can be taken to mean beauty as it is generally accepted. So, for instance, most people would accept that Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn were beautiful. Even more interesting: definitions of beauty vary by region - what is 'beautiful' here in the San Francisco Bay Area may not be considered so in New York or New Delhi.

When "aesthetic" is used in conjunction with plastic surgery, the aim of both patient and surgeon is to improve the beauty of the face of the patient. In other words, to make the face (or other body parts) more appealing to the majority.

Reconstructive surgery, as it is sometimes called, can be either elective or required. For example, after an automobile accident, it may be that the patient is left with horrific scarring and damage that not only affect the way the patient looks to other people, but also have a profound effect on the patient's own view of himself. This can lead to serious depression and psychological problems unless surgery is carried out.

In these cases, surgery is often covered by insurance and is known as "required" surgery. In plain language, it is necessary for the patient's well-being and quality of life. Required surgery could also be the result of damage caused by an attacker, or even self-inflicted; for instance, doing something stupid like jumping off a wall and landing face down on concrete could still result in required surgery, and might also be covered by an appropriate insurance policy.

On the other hand, elective surgery is a choice and is almost certainly not covered by insurance. If you "elect" to have aesthetic plastic surgery, it simply means that you choose to do so in the belief that it will make you look better - and thus, feel better. What it is most certainly not, is essential, and therefore not covered by insurance.

Whatever the reason that you need aesthetic plastic surgery, or a facelift, the most important concern is to find a cosmetic surgeon who is highly qualified to undertake this sort of work. You do not want to trust your looks to someone without a wealth of experience in undertaking the sort of work that you require.

One of the major players in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery in the Bay area is Dr. Alex Rabinovich, who has an office in Sacramento Street. Dr Rabinovich is a qualified maxillofacial surgeon, and in addition is a qualified dentist. He has carried out hundreds of successful aesthetic plastic surgery operations over the years producing outstanding results; you could not be in better hands.

Dr Rabinovich is happy to carry out aesthetic plastic surgery, whether it is required or elective. He will also offer you a free initial consultation in order to ascertain your requirements.

Every face is unique, and every facelift is unique. Discovering your best look starts with an initial consultation on your facelift needs. Call us today at 415-935-3223 or schedule a consultation