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San Francisco Rhytidectomy: The Fancy Word for Facelift

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August 31, 2014. What's in a name? Some people have a facelift, while others opt for a rhytidectomy. Both of them should end up with exactly the same result.

For those with a keen interest in etymology (now there's another one!) rhytidectomy is derived from the Greek word rhytid, which is the stem of rhytis, which in turn means wrinkle. Ectomy means to cut out or remove (as in, for instance, appendectomy - removal of the appendix). So, rhytidectomy is removal of wrinkles. Or, of course, if you prefer, a facelift. (Etymology is the study of the derivation of words). This quick blog post will dive into the origin of the word.





San Francisco Rhytidectomy

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Rhytidectomy San Francisco: More on the Word

Now that we know the basic meaning, let's dive into some specifics.

Now that we have all that out of the way, if you want to get rid of those wrinkles and restore your youthful beauty, the words you use really are not that important. What is of the utmost importance - indeed, one might say the only thing that is important, is to find a competent maxillofacial (here we go again; this one is derived from the Latin 'maxilla' meaning jaw) surgeon to carry out the work.

Unfortunately, the medical profession is strewn with words that are designed to confuse the ordinary mortal. Despite that, how do you go about finding a really great surgeon to carry out a facelift. After all, what you are seeking is to restore that youthful glamour - and why ever not? - in order to do two things. One of those is to make you look younger, but the other - and more important - is to make you FEEL better.

The Way You Look
The way you look is the way others see you. The way you feel makes you super confident because you know that you look good. So it follows that you want an expert to carry out the surgery.

Of course, you may have friends who have had a facelift and can recommend their surgeon. If not, you need to take a look on the internet and see who is foremost in the San Francisco Bay area.

Top Rhytidectomy Surgeon in San Francisco: Dr. Alex Rabinovich

One of the top surgeons is the area is Dr Alex Rabinovich, who has an office in Sacramento Street. Dr Rabinovich is educated in both medicine and dentistry and has successfully performed hundreds of operations. He has conducted clinical research and is respected by medical colleagues as the author of a number of medical articles.

Dr Rabinovich has a passionate interest in reconstructive facial surgery, which includes cleft lip and palate and other deformities. He has often travelled abroad with medical missions in order to perform free reconstructive surgery for children who are in need of it.

In the San Francisco Bay area, Dr. Rabinovich performs the highest quality cosmetic and plastic surgery for both men and women. Emphasis is on safety, quality, and natural looking results. Dr. Rabinovich also performs rhinoplasty (nose surgery), jaw surgery, eyelid surgery, neck surgery, and hair restoration to improve thinning hair for both men and women.

Every face is unique, and every facelift is unique. Discovering your best look starts with an initial consultation on your facelift needs. Call us today at 415-935-3223 or schedule a consultation