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San Francisco's Popular Facelift Option, the Visage Lift, Explained by Visage Medspa

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San Francisco, CA - September 30, 2014

Visage Medspa & Facial Plastic Surgery, a top cosmetic surgery center providing facelifts in San Francisco, is proud to announce an informative blog post on its popular San Francisco facelift option, the 'Visage lift.'

"Many patients want a quick easy facelift in San Francisco,"explained Dr. Alex Rabinovich of Visage Medspa & Facial Plastic Surgery." "Our Visage Lift addresses that need. A quick initial consultation establishes what is the best facelift option for the patient, and for many the Visage Lift is a perfect option."

For more information, go to http://visage-sf.com/

On the "Visage Facelift"

The Visage Facelift was developed by Dr. Alex Rabinovich of San Francisco to help his patients obtain the best result with the least surgery and recovery time possible. Dr. Rabinovich modified the best features of established techniques, and combined them to make everything easier for the patient. Patients looking for affordable San Francisco facelift procedures have been extremely happy!

The Visage Facelift procedure lifts the sagging muscles of the neck, cheeks, and jowls, eliminating them and creating youthful and natural definition, without the resulting tight look of older facelift and necklift techniques. The Visage Rapid Recovery Lift differs because it addresses the deeper tissue by going under the muscle, sliding it upwards into its original youthful position.The fat and muscle are lifted and tightened, placing the incision line inside the ear. This technique results in less bruising and swelling. Scars heal better because there is no tension on superficial layers and skin. This face lift results in a natural, softer look and creates long-lasting definition along the jawline and neck, not tightness. You'll look your best in the healthy, active lifestyle that is San Francisco living!

The Visage Facelift

The procedure is performed in our state-of-the-art facility in San Francisco, California, with no general anesthesia. It offers a quick recovery and most patients see immediate results with minimal downtime. In the very busy San Francisco Bay Area, this is a wonderful procedure because it is quick, easy and effective. However, each patient is unique and to determine the best facelift option for that patient, each patient receives an initial in-depth consultation with Dr. Rabinovich.

About Visage Medspa and Facial Plastic Surgery Center

The Visage Medspa and Facial Plastic Surgery Center is under the direction and management of Alex Rabinovich, DDS, MD, and provides face lifts, eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty), facial laser resurfacing in San Francisco and other forms of cosmetic and plastic surgery in San Francisco including cosmetic nose surgery or San Francisco rhinoplasty ("nose jobs" in the vernacular) as well as corrective jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery).

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San Francisco Facelift

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